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Don't fight the system.
Go in the system and take them down on their own faults.

Alle acties komend uit wraak of ego zullen mislukken.
Alleen acties vanuit een hart en ziel zullen slagen.

In deze blog geef ik mijn zienswijze van de huidige wereld weer. 
Ik beroep me op het recht die geldt vanuit het Universum, namelijk: Het recht van respect naar elke energievorm in het Universum. In de menselijke wetten is het omschreven in het UVRM als zijnde: Artikel 1 Alle mensen worden vrij en gelijk in waardigheid en rechten geboren. Zij zijn begiftigd met verstand en geweten, en behoren
zich jegens elkander in een geest van broederschap te gedragen. In de reeds niet meer geldende Nederlandse grondwet staat het beschreven als zijnde: Artikel 1 Allen die zich in Nederland bevinden, worden in gelijke gevallen gelijk behandeld. Discriminatie wegens godsdienst, levensovertuiging, politieke gezindheid,
ras, geslacht of op welke grond dan ook, is niet toegestaan.

06:12 November 03th 2014


"The pyramid that justifies child suffering, trafficking and abuse"

"De piramide die kinderleed,-handel,-misbruik rechtvaardigt"


The pyramid that justifies child suffering, trafficking and abuse.


page 3

page 4
Layer 1 Citizens and their children

page 5
Layer 2 Children's homes and shelters

page 6
Layer 3 Petty criminals

page 7
Layer 4 Mafia and criminal organizations

page 8
Layer 5 Judges - Justice - Prosecution - Attorney General - Police force

page 9
Layer 6 Businessmen and wealthy ones in among other Freemasonry and similar secret organizations.

page 10
Layer 7 Churches and their political leaders

page 11
Layer 8 Presidents, royal houses and wealthy absolute top, moving in among other Freemasonry and similar secret organizations

page 12
Vatican and their many religious clubs

page 13

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Books about this matter


Your first comment will be right now "every child suffering is acting against human rights".
You are right, but why there is still so much suffering among the children?
For 20 years we have taken care of children in need. Then an abrupt end and after the death of my wife and I kept asking "why all the work and all the energy against child suffering, it is like a well with an unprecedented depth". By doing a lot of research and going through every side of the suffering and studying I came to the next pyramid;

Vatican and their many religious clubs

Presidents, royal houses and wealthy absolute top, moving in among other Freemasonry and similar secret organizations

Churches and their political leaders

Businessmen and wealthy ones in among other Freemasonry and similar secret organizations

Judges - Justice - Prosecution - Attorney General - Police force

Mafia and criminal organizations

Petty criminals

Children's homes and shelters

Citizens and their children

This pyramid is the answer of many child suffering.

Page 3
Layer 1

Citizens and their children

Let us start from the beginning.

A child is abused and it is usually assumed, and brought out as an action of a fellow man, an acquaintance or / and pedophile what is now the fashion.

These things happen. Yes, fathers as well as mothers play with their children and even teenage children. Because not only the "touch" happens in the first stage of the pyramid, but they hardly talk about those parents who still have shower with their teen, or somehow doing more than just "caress" and "attention".

In the bottom layer of the pyramid they, from justice, are still very active and rush to bring these things out. Especially if one again can drag a victime down into the mud and condemn.

Page 4
Layer 2

Children's homes and shelters

Then we go a step higher and we come to the children's homes and shelters.

There is much wrong in these institutes. Is it not under one or another religion then because the leadership mostly enjoys the suffering and impotence of these kids. Apparently daily humiliated by dirty actions is normal. In the book "Het leven van een tehuisjoch"(The life of a home kid) by Nico Herders you can find it all.

Homes are the gateway to the underworld and the sex world. From these homes often children with no parental or family connected are selected and dragged into the criminal sphere. They first will be totally humiliated and later through extortion get things done outside the law.

Later it turned out that Freemasonry uses this method directly.

Page 5
Layer 3

Petty criminals

So we have created the petty criminals and the pyramid can be fed.

The petty criminals through drugs trade or porno are held hostage so they know no way out and for them only that world still exists. Totally humiliated and brainwashing makes them a perfect prey to the next group.

Page 6
Layer 4

Mafia and criminal organizations

These are organized gangs who are taking full advantage of the young people in distress.

By allowing them to use just enough drugs, they can be used anywhere and little will come off if they get caught or eliminated. These manipulatable young people are the performers of many things.

By participating and prove how good you are in bed or on the street, you can work up as a member in a gang. By working your way up in the gang you will be in the Mafia and that depends on how strong you are.

You are being told that once you're will get in the top. And some very strong ones will succeed.

Page 7
Layer 5

Judges - Justice - Prosecution - Attorney General - Police force

This mafia has power over the whole justice system.

The top of the mafia plays with their "dirty" lawyers so to silent justice. Meanwhile, via old judges and old PGs it became clear to me that they are all extorted in one way or another. Remarkable, was the change of the local PG who was replaced by a person who knows how the Dutch justice works and oddly enough comes from that place that is closely involved with the local mafia. That says a lot, because much becomes clear in the current local judicial world what slowly became an open book, but is now as hermetically sealed as the national bank. All reports where justice has something to do with, disappear and they completely close themselves off from the outside world.

We see in these circles that which is very crooked, is concealed, and not dealt with. That is simply a sign that they are under severe pressure from the mafia who clearly is in control. Not one case seems right and in each case petty criminal is quickly pushed forward.

We see that the "higher layers", with clever juridical game continue their game again and again. The game which is very dirty and the game where there is much suffering. The judiciary is the buffer of our pyramid because the prosecutor talks crooked straight and from you, as a citizen, is expected that you deposit any misunderstanding there and then we have those persons who conceal and dump many things under pressure from the mafia.

Namely, one sees that worldwide the minister of justice is the most important person to the people and what we already see from the past that many of these ministers from one day to the next, stop or disappear, or rotate 180 degrees in their policies. All of that has to do with the groups above them that make up what this man / woman should do. Just a simple fact; watch the Minister of Justice and you know the mafia or "boss" he works for. If he stays long then he is bribed and works according to the rules of the club in question, above him. If he goes his own way and applies justice he has a short term and sometimes even a short life. In many cases, his extortionists "boss" can be identified clearly.

Page 8
Layer 6

Businessmen and wealthy ones in among other Freemasonry and similar secret organizations

We went through the buffer between good and evil and we are now in the lowest class of the group that has everything in control, our businessmen, which are often associated with "secret clubs" as they like to call it themselves.

We talk among others about Freemasonry. These people are the benefactors of the community.
According to them they do everything for their fellow man and they are in the lower layers of their club through many rituals already brainwashed, in their eyes they are doing nothing wrong and meanwhile they are omnipotent. They are the buffer between the evil and the good.

Behind them there is a top that is almost unreachable. Our business Freemasonry groups and their relatives are hyper religious. Many of them will be also found in the many churches and faiths. For many the quest ends there because we then get to the next step, the church and their local political leaders.

Page 9
Layer 7

Churches and their political leaders

Over the years, I have studied many rituals and those of the Freemason. It became clear that many evil issues are pushed into a faith, Bible or ancient writings.

People talk easily about sacrifice whether it is a piece of bread. These rituals in the church represent what the politicians by the faith get ordered to do with their followers. See how people slavishly follow a church, but also any political leader. Both have the population in control and the deluding starts.

In recent years there has come to light that in various believe there was a lot of abuse of children and minors. That is still going on and has not stopped despite numerous cases. That is simple because the ecclesiastical societies with their own interpretation are shooting up like mushrooms. But there are still priests who suit to go to bed with them. And if that comes out it will be defended and even processes are falsified to keep that concealed.

Page 10
Layer 8

Presidents, royal houses and wealthy absolute top, moving in among other Freemasonry and similar secret organizations

We talked about the players in the whole what is about the suffering, trafficking and abuse of children. Now we end up in the top of our pyramid and we come to those persons who use their rituals literally, and doing literally the things I've read in their rituals in recent years; "Presidents, royal houses and wealthy absolute top." The place where the top of the political and business world meet, along with the various presidents and royal houses.

In their world everything is still possible and "business" is done where the citizens absolutely do not know about as they occur in locations that constantly move and where the top prosecutor takes care of everything and have to cut off and cover-up if it points too much that way. Great Ones have been killed, as well as those people who did the dirty odd jobs for this layer of the pyramid. We see that there are murders and even very big ones killed. For example, John F Kennedy, Pim Fortuyn, Els Borst and locally Helmin Wiels and Betico Croes. People who were rashly and just differed the specified path. Then we see that petty criminals will be carried forward who supposedly killed these people. Actions of revenge, retaliation or simply "I do not know". People who are locked up for life, socially humiliated and degraded. The true people who are behind these actions NEVER be condemned.


Just because they are on the penultimate step of this pyramid. These people are inviolable and are monitored so that they also will be killed if there is a sign that there may be something loose. The shift in the child suffering in Belgium and the Netherlands is clearly visible and relatively unknown ministers are now on mega posts. These individuals are now the line in this world.

We saw this shift coming when the "old" line suddenly stopped their super job. Successions to the throne and changing of the politicians because the old line was exposing. As we earlier saw locally where now a "new" class has taken over and apparently the local mafia does not like that. First a lot should be put under pressure, bribed and threatened. Things that are clearly going on and we see clearly.

Page 11
Layer 9

Vatican and their many religious clubs

This whole pyramid ends at the Vatican and many religious clubs including Freemasonry and the many global local "sects".

For, like witches previously were persecuted, these clubs and the top of Freemasonry now act to individuals who bring things out. In the grades 33 and 34 as described in the many rituals, sacrifices and sexual acts are done assigned from above.

The absolute top of ALL the world faiths we can find in the Vatican! From there they get their commands and there are the two popes and their select group of cardinals who know what needs to happen in the world. They justify the sacrifice and abuse of minors through their rituals and clubs and we as citizens can do little about.

Page 12

This list was created after being active for 20 years in child suffering and after that 13 years of delving, rooting, writing letters and having many contacts. It turns out that the world just above the mafia is hermetically sealed. Despite that I came into many faiths, politics and even the Vatican. It is obvious that they have everything in control.

As long as man will rule at the top of this pyramid, suffering, sacrificing, and trafficking of children, will subsist and we who make these things publicly will be humiliated and eliminated. Nevertheless, there are ways to force a breakthrough because by diving in the many rituals that I have reviewed, these people have released some major weaknesses, and that gives us hope that this pyramid will disappear.

Child suffering, a game of the absolute top in order to extort.

John H Baselmans-Oracle
Dokterstuin 237

Page 13

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