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Don't fight the system.
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Alle acties komend uit wraak of ego zullen mislukken.
Alleen acties vanuit een hart en ziel zullen slagen.

In deze blog geef ik mijn zienswijze van de huidige wereld weer. 
Ik beroep me op het recht die geldt vanuit het Universum, namelijk: Het recht van respect naar elke energievorm in het Universum. In de menselijke wetten is het omschreven in het UVRM als zijnde: Artikel 1 Alle mensen worden vrij en gelijk in waardigheid en rechten geboren. Zij zijn begiftigd met verstand en geweten, en behoren
zich jegens elkander in een geest van broederschap te gedragen. In de reeds niet meer geldende Nederlandse grondwet staat het beschreven als zijnde: Artikel 1 Allen die zich in Nederland bevinden, worden in gelijke gevallen gelijk behandeld. Discriminatie wegens godsdienst, levensovertuiging, politieke gezindheid,
ras, geslacht of op welke grond dan ook, is niet toegestaan.


Malia and Sasha Obama Were Loaned by Their Real Parents so America Would Accept the Fake First Family

I know this briefly made the rounds last year…but I’m not sure everyone saw it and I have been meaning to post a blog about it and just get it down in black and white for safekeeping and also so the facts are preserved. I don’t want anyone to forget how cheated and lied to we were by this last presidential puppet they installed. I mean, they took it to a whole new level with the creation of Barry Soetoro.

And I feel like we are constantly inundated with so much info that sometimes important details that should be preserved are swept away with the tide and forgotten about…never to return. So here it is:

Emigrate While You Still Can! Learn More...

(I originally posted the following on Facebook in December of 2016):

I saw the video that Fisher of Men did on this titled “I Found Malia and Sasha’s Real Parents”. So just to note…he’s the one who originally made this connection. After he made that video he was visited by the secret service and is now in prison on trumped up charges….they say he is a “domestic terrorist”, but we all know that means he’s simply a threat to them.

So people in the alternative media have wondered for a long time who Malia and Sasha’s real parents are (being that Michelle is most likely a man). This is a great piece done on the topic in 2013 by Eowyn at Fellowship of the Minds. Definitely worth the read.

-Where are Obama’s daughters’ baby pics and birth records?-

But just a few basic points from it. None of the ancestry or genealogy sites have any record of either girl. has no birth records for Malia or Natasha Obama. In fact no birth records can be found on either girl ANYWHERE.

There are no pictures of the Obama’s with the girls when they were babies. (Actually only ONE single photo has been found and I’m no expert on photoshop but it doesn’t take an expert to see that it’s a very sloppily flung together photoshopped picture. It’s almost embarrassing to look at really…they did such a bad job.)


This is the only pic that can be found of the Obamas with Malia or Sasha when they’re young. And this looks extremely photoshopped. See how they pop out of the background like that? Not natural.

And then also, there are ZERO pictures to be found ANYWHERE of a pregnant Michelle Obama.

So here’s where it all gets interesting…Anita Blanchard and Martin Nesbitt are a married couple who have been close friends with the Obama’s going back to their early Chicago days. Martin Nesbitt was the Obama campaign treasurer and close friend… and his wife, Dr. Anita Blanchard, is the woman said to have quote on quote “delivered the children of Obama” (remember that semantics matter here).

So Dr. Anita and her husband became Sasha and Malia’s “godparents”. They are both very tight with Valerie Jarrett and crew going back to Obama’s beginning in Chicago.

So last year, the youtuber Fisher of Men looked this couple up (after seeing a 2008 NY Times article which referenced them..and he made a very interesting discovery. In his video…when he put the following picture up on the screen (the pic straight below) my jaw dropped.


Because the resemblance is so shocking. (Sorry it’s a tad blurry. It’s a screenshot off his video) After seeing this pic….I started paying attention.

The older girl Malia is a dead ringer for Martin Nesbitt and the younger girl Sasha looks just like Anita Blanchard.

The pics below are collages I made from pics I found of the girls and the couple, just doing image searches.. just to show some more comparisons.


Malia looks like dad and Sasha looks like mom.


The next pic is a picture I found of Martin Nesbitt with Obama that really struck me because his awkward posture and stance reminds me EXACTLY of awkward Malia Obama and how she holds herself…her posture when she walks, her long gaping strides, etc.


The way he holds himself in this pic is Malia to a tee. She has a very distinct slumped over awkward posture when she walks…like her dad Martin here.

Martin was Obama’s campaign treasurer and there are many photos of them together online, that date way back. They are obviously VERY good, longtime friends.

The next pic is a screenshot of a “friendship chart” that is part of the 2008 NY Times article which is the original source for Wikipedia’s assertion that the girls were delivered by Anita Blanchard. No other records or sources indicate their birth. This is the only reference.


A Wikipedia entry states that Malia and Natasha Obama “were both delivered by their parents’ friend Dr. Anita Blanchard at University of Chicago Medical Center.”

Wikipedia’s source for that assertion regarding the birth of the Obama’s daughters is referenced to the article by Jodi Kantor titled “Obama’s Friends Form Strategy to Stay Close,” which was printed in The New York Times on December 13, 2008.

The article is about a group of Obama’s closest friends in Chicago, among whom are Valerie Jarrett (who was recently Obama’s senior White House adviser) and a black man named Martin Nesbitt who is now, according to NYT, a “real estate executive”.

Martin Nesbitt’s wife is Dr. Anita Blanchard. They are the girls godparents.

So Fisher of Men saw this juicy tidbit and began comparing photos. He nailed it….and now he’s in jail on BS charges.

This next pic is a screenshot of an interesting comment I saw on Fisher of men’s original video about this. Someone commented saying that South Park actually did an episode where the Obama’s had to rent someone’s kids to run for the presidency. If this is true then it kind of seals the deal in my personal opinion. They love to tell us what they’re doing in the sick adult cartoons that are so popular among the masses. If anyone can find that South Park episode plse let me know.

Ok…update…I think I found the South Park episode the commenter was referring to. Its episode 12 in season 12 titled “About Last Night” which originally aired right after Obama was elected. This is how the episode was described by the website screenjunkies:

“Meanwhile, back in Washington…
…two presidential candidates, one the landslide winner, the other the defeated maverick, face off in a motel room, then exchange high fives and greet each other like old friends. Apparently McCain and Obama, for the last ten years, have been planning a heist together to steal the hope diamond, by way of electing one of them president. In “Ocean’s Eleven” style their diabolical plot is further uncovered and we see Sarah Palin is really an undercover British agent who just puts on the dorky accent and folksy style, and Michelle Obama is merely a random sassy black woman who is posing as Obama’s wife. A few anonymous others dot the scene, and they end up pulling off the caper in kick-ass way, with of course a few traditional heist hitches, executed in classic South Park style.

“I love happy endings”
They fake their deaths by placing dummies in a plane rigged to blow, and as they cash their winnings and head off to island destination unknown, Obama decides to stay with Michelle and start a real family as the first family And little Ike is revealed to be the mastermind behind the whole thing, as he explodes the plane through remote detonation and declares them deceased on a computer he hacks. “Boom, Baby.”

And just wow….looking back at this episode it’s absolutely incredible how they were laughing in our face in plain view.

This is just a 29 sec clip of the above mentioned South Park show…but it epitomizes the entire thing. Check out this 29 second clip from the episode of Obama and McCain behind closed doors right after Obama wins the election. In the episode they go on to steal the “Hope diamond”. Interesting name for a diamond no?

So moving on… I have never been one who pays much attention to the photo comparisons of ppl saying “so and so is so and so” because I feel it’s often used by shills to discredit the truth community, but this one is so striking it’s way too coincidental to ignore.

Especially after the article (written by an establishment approved journalist insider at the NY Times) which states that Dr Anita Blanchard delivered “nearly all the children” of Obama’s closest family and friends. Add to that that they are the girl’s godparents and have been friends with the Obama’s since their early Chicago days when Barack was probably being groomed for the presidency. What better way to stay close to your loaned out kids than being their godparents?

Oh and look! They even went on many vacations together. Michelle is not even in this photo. Of course Obama had to hold the girls hands just in case there was any doubt about who they belonged to. And look at the cute little girl Martin Nesbitt is holding…also note the older girl walking next to Nesbitt….could these be Malia and Sasha’s sisters? They sure look like it to me….I guess when you have multiple children, loaning out a couple for 8 years is no big deal.


Here are a bunch of pictures to compare their faces. They are DEAD ringers for their parents.












Oh look dad is also partners in crime with evil Rahm Emanual. Shocker.


And of course his best buddy Barry…or whatever the hell his name is. When you have fake kids how can we even trust that your name is real?

And if Barry Soetoro borrowed these girls? It makes this next photo pretty dang disturbing.


People may call this “fake news” but let your eyes and your common sense tell you what’s true. These girls are the SPITTING IMAGE of this couple….this couple who just HAPPENS to be their GODPARENTS.

Let this abomination, this absolute pathetic fakery remain on the record…written in stone before the American people. Let it not be forgotten.


This is what I find out

Barack Obama (Jeffery Henderson) B 0 (zero)
August 4, 1961
Pendrawing 40 X 50 centimeters ( black / white)

Barack Obama (Jeffery Henderson) B 0 (zero)

While drawing Barack Obama codename B 0 (zero) a strange world was opened to me.

When I was drawing the eyes, I realized that these eyes did not belong to a dark person.
Right at the beginning of drawing the pupils I had a shocking experience.
The eyes were identical to those of Adolf Hitler, something you do not expect with a dark person.
Furthermore, it appeared that this man is raised for the most part by and in a laboratory many levels deep under the ground.
He can be born as a human being but through him much came up about experiments and manipulations.
The ideal colored man had to be created and this is the first of its kind.
As a leader of a world cannot but that these people have been terribly manipulated
and brainwashed with information they need in the future.

It is shown, while drawing, that this person is a half computer half man
and that his entire life has been planned for the post where he is now.
The intention is to clear him away after he is no longer needed or if he brings out too much information.
His life is nothing more than a number, a project and it’s over after having achieved his goal.
His mother, who should live in Hawaii and his distant brother are simple players in the game.
In a part of his life his name was Jeffery Henderson, but as an experiment,
he was described as B 0 (zero). B 0 (zero) became Barack Obama.

In the time that he had to fulfill his assignments at the highest post, was / is
one of his most obvious tasks, creating disorder and labeling people.
The experiments with high frequencies were and are still done increasingly
and people cannot explain the wave of violence, drugs and pains.
The various natural disasters caused by these frequencies are worse, such as in Japan and around the world.
It was a punishing to, among others, Japan for stealing many ideas.
Russia is on the list as well and they will be faced with some problems too.
Russia is in fact completely independent but strange things can always happen in nature and with people.

Returning to the experiments with people in Area 53, on the 24 and 36 floors deep under the ground;
There is a new generation coming out with the code A 0 (zero), included a woman and she will put through the big change.
The experiments with frequencies will be increased as to enforce business to large countries
like China and Russia, but also to take over.
The world is slowly taken over by a new generation of manipulated humans / half robots
and apparently the new kings and leaders are all part of it.

Barack Obama is the weirdest person I've drawn so far, and many strange things have become clear to me.
B 0 (zero) is the first of its kind and is the first experiment that has come out and that works in this kind of positions.
There will be more to follow as the world can no longer be ruled by an unstable man.

Citation: With this drawing, I was drawn into the core of a matrix that is almost impossible to comprehend.
In this person (for it is not really a human being) there was no soul. However, through his energy he was an open book.
With the creation of this type of "beings", they think to have everything under control,
but they forget that a soul is not something that just can be created,
let alone a person who can supposedly hide / cover everything. B 0 (zero) is a robot from a former genre.
The human has been used, but the soul is gone and it is filled with information.
The newer generation is already available but it’s impossible to shield the energy, and put a soul.
I know, I’m writing "science fiction" and chatting some,
but this information will fit exactly into the pattern of life of man on this planet.


Pendrawing John H Baselmans-Oracle





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