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Publication number US3951134 A
Publication type Grant
Application number US 05/494,518
Publication date Apr 20, 1976
Filing date Aug 5, 1974
Priority date Aug 5, 1974
Inventors Robert G. Malech
Original Assignee Dorne & Margolin Inc.
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Patent Citations (8), Referenced by (18), Classifications (10)
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Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves
US 3951134 A
Apparatus for and method of sensing brain waves at a position remote from a subject whereby electromagnetic signals of different frequencies are simultaneously transmitted to the brain of the subject in which the signals interfere with one another to yield a waveform which is modulated by the subject's brain waves. The interference waveform which is representative of the brain wave activity is re-transmitted by the brain to a receiver where it is demodulated and amplified. The demodulated waveform is then displayed for visual viewing and routed to a computer for further processing and analysis. The demodulated waveform also can be used to produce a compensating signal which is transmitted back to the brain to effect a desired change in electrical activity therein.


Medical science has found brain waves to be a useful barometer of organic functions. Measurements of electrical activity in the brain have been instrumental in detecting physical and psychic disorder, measuring stress, determining sleep patterns, and monitoring body metabolism.

The present art for measurement of brain waves employs electroencephalographs including probes with sensors which are attached to the skull of the subject under study at points proximate to the regions of the brain being monitored. Electrical contact between the sensors and apparatus employed to process the detected brain waves is maintained by a plurality of wires extending from the sensors to the apparatus. The necessity for physically attaching the measuring apparatus to the subject imposes several limitations on the measurement process. The subject may experience discomfort, particulary if the measurements are to be made over extended periods of time. His bodily movements are restricted and he is generally confined to the immediate vicinity of the measuring apparatus. Furthermore, measurements cannot be made while the subject is conscious without his awareness. The comprehensiveness of the measurements is also limited since the finite number of probes employed to monitor local regions of brain wave activity do not permit observation of the total brain wave profile in a single test.

The present invention relates to apparatus and a method for monitoring brain waves wherein all components of the apparatus employed are remote from the test subject. More specifically, high frequency transmitters are operated to radiate electromagnetic energy of different frequencies through antennas which are capable of scanning the entire brain of the test subject or any desired region thereof. The signals of different frequencies penetrate the skull of the subject and impinge upon the brain where they mix to yield an interference wave modulated by radiations from the brain's natural electrical activity. The modulated interference wave is re-transmitted by the brain and received by an antenna at a remote station where it is demodulated, and processed to provide a profile of the suject's brain waves. In addition to passively monitoring his brain waves, the subject's neurological processes may be affected by transmitting to his brain, through a transmitter, compensating signals. The latter signals can be derived from the received and processed brain waves.

It is therefore an object of the invention to remotely monitor electrical activity in the entire brain or selected local regions thereof with a single measurement.

Another object is the monitoring of a subject's brain wave activity through transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves.

Still another object is to monitor brain wave activity from a position remote from the subject.

A further object is to provide a method and apparatus for affecting brain wave activity by transmitting electromagnetic signals thereto.

Other and further objects of the invention will appear from the following description and the accompanying drawings, which form part of the instant specification and which are to be read in conjunction therewith, and in which like reference numerals are used to indicate like parts in the various views;

FIG. 1 is a block diagram showing the interconnection of the components of the apparatus of the invention;

FIG. 2 is a block diagram showing signal flow in one embodiment of the apparatus.

Referring to the drawings, specifically FIG. 1, a high frequency transmitter 2 produces and supplies two electromagnetic wave signals through suitable coupling means 14 to an antenna 4. The signals are directed by the antenna 4 to the skull 6 of the subject 8 being examined. The two signals from the antenna 4, which travel independently, penetrate the skull 6 and impinge upon the tissue of the brain 10.

Within the tissue of the brain 10, the signals combine, much in the manner of a conventional mixing process technique, with each section of the brain having a different modulating action. The resulting waveform of the two signals has its greatest amplitude when the two signals are in phase and thus reinforcing one another. When the signals are exactly 180° out of phase the combination produces a resultant waveform of minimum amplitude. If the amplitudes of the two signals transmitted to the subject are maintained at identical levels, the resultant interference waveform, absent influences of external radiation, may be expected to assume zero intensity when maximum interference occurs, the number of such points being equal to the difference in frequencies of the incident signals. However, interference by radiation from electrical activity within the brain 10 causes the waveform resulting from interference of the two transmitted signals to vary from the expected result, i.e., the interference waveform is modulated by the brain waves. It is believed that this is due to the fact that brain waves produce electric charges each of which has a component of electromagnetic radiation associated with it. The electromagnetic radiation produced by the brain waves in turn reacts with the signals transmitted to the brain from the external source.

The modulated interference waveform is re-transmitted from the brain 10, back through the skull 6. A quantity of energy is re-transmitted sufficient to enable it to be picked up by the antenna 4. This can be controlled, within limits, by adjusting the absolute and relative intensities of the signals, originally transmitted to the brain. Of course, the level of the transmitted energy should be kept below that which may be harmful to the subject.

The antenna passes the received signal to a receiver 12 through the antenna electronics 14. Within the receiver the wave is amplified by conventional RF amplifiers 16 and demodulated by conventional detector and modulator electronics 18. The demodulated wave, representing the intra-brain electrical activity, is amplified by amplifiers 20 and the resulting information in electronic form is stored in buffer circuitry 22. From the buffers 22 the information is fed to a suitable visual display 24, for example one employing a cathode ray tube, light emitting diodes, liquid crystals, or a mechanical plotter. The information may also be channeled to a computer 26 for further processing and analysis with the output of the computer displayed by heretofore mentioned suitable means.

In addition to channeling its information to display devices 24, the computer 26 can also produce signals to control an auxiliary transmitter 28. Transmitter 28 is used to produce a compensating signal which is transmitted to the brain 10 of the subject 8 by the antenna 4. In a preferred embodiment of the invention, the compensating signal is derived as a function of the received brain wave signals, although it can be produced separately. The compensating signals affect electrical activity within the brain 10.

Various configurations of suitable apparatus and electronic circuitry may be utilized to form the system generally shown in FIG. 1 and one of the many possible configurations is illustrated in FIG. 2. In the example shown therein, two signals, one of 100 MHz and the other of 210 MHz are transmitted simultaneously and combine in the brain 10 to form a resultant wave of frequency equal to the difference in frequencies of the incident signals, i.e., 110 MHz. The sum of the two incident frequencies is also available, but is discarded in subsequent filtering. The 100 MHz signal is obtained at the output 37 of an RF power divider 34 into which a 100 MHz signal generated by an oscillator 30 is injected. The oscillator 30 is of a conventional type employing either crystals for fixed frequency circuits or a tunable circuit set to oscillate at 100 MHz. It can be a pulse generator, square wave generator or sinusoidal wave generator. The RF power divider can be any conventional VHF, UHF or SHF frequency range device constructed to provide, at each of three outputs, a signal identical in frequency to that applied to its input.

The 210 MHz signal is derived from the same 100 MHz oscillator 30 and RF power divider 34 as the 100 MHz signal, operating in concert with a frequency doubler 36 and 10 MHz oscillator 32. The frequency doubler can be any conventional device which provides at its output a signal with frequency equal to twice the frequency of a signal applied at its input. The 10 MHz oscillator can also be of conventional type similar to the 100 MHz oscillator herebefore described. A 100 MHz signal from the output 39 of the RF power divider 34 is fed through the frequency doubler 36 and the resulting 200 MHz signal is applied to a mixer 40. The mixer 40 can be any conventional VHF, UHF or SHF frequency range device capable of accepting two input signals of differing frequencies and providing two output signals with frequencies equal to the sum and difference in frequencies respectively of the input signals. A 10 MHz signal from the oscillator 32 is also applied to the mixer 40. The 200 MHz signal from the doubler 36 and the 10 MHz signal from the oscillator 32 combine in the mixer 40 to form a signal with a frequency of 210 MHz equal to the sum of the frequencies of the 200 MHz and 10 MHz signals.

The 210 MHz signal is one of the signals transmitted to the brain 10 of the subject being monitored. In the arrangement shown in FIG. 2, an antenna 41 is used to transmit the 210 MHz signal and another antenna 43 is used to transmit the 100 MHz signal. Of course, a single antenna capable of operating at 100 MHz and 210 MHz frequencies may be used to transmit both signals. The scan angle, direction and rate may be controlled mechanically, e.g., by a reversing motor, or electronically, e.g., by energizing elements in the antenna in proper synchronization. Thus, the antenna(s) can be of either fixed or rotary conventional types.

A second 100 MHz signal derived from output terminal 37 of the three-way power divider 34 is applied to a circulator 38 and emerges therefrom with a desired phase shift. The circulator 38 can be of any conventional type wherein a signal applied to an input port emerges from an output port with an appropriate phase shift. The 100 MHz signal is then transmitted to the brain 10 of the subject being monitored via the antenna 43 as the second component of the dual signal transmission. The antenna 43 can be of conventional type similar to antenna 41 herebefore described. As previously noted, these two antennas may be combined in a single unit.

The transmitted 100 and 210 MHz signal components mix within the tissue in the brain 10 and interfere with one another yielding a signal of a frequency of 110 MHz, the difference in frequencies of the two incident components, modulated by electromagnetic emissions from the brain, i.e., the brain wave activity being monitored. This modulated 110 MHz signal is radiated into space.

The 110 MHz signal, modulated by brain wave activity, is picked up by an antenna 45 and channeled back through the circulator 38 where it undergoes an appropriate phase shift. The circulator 38 isolates the transmitted signals from the received signal. Any suitable diplexer or duplexer can be used. The antenna 45 can be of conventional type similar to antennas 41 and 43. It can be combined with them in a single unit or it can be separate. The received modulated 110 MHz signal is then applied to a band pass filter 42, to eliminate undesirable harmonics and extraneous noise, and the filtered 110 MHz signal is inserted into a mixer 44 into which has also been introduced a component of the 100 MHz signal from the source 30 distributed by the RF power divider 34. The filter 42 can be any conventional band pass filter. The mixer 44 may also be of conventional type similar to the mixer 40 herebefore described.

The 100 MHz and 110 MHz signals combine in the mixer 44 to yield a signal of frequency equal to the difference in frequencies of the two component signals, i.e., 10 MHz still modulated by the monitored brain wave activity. The 10 MHz signal is amplified in an IF amplifier 46 and channeled to a demodulator 48. The IF amplifier and demodulator 48 can both be of conventional types. The type of demodulator selected will depend on the characteristics of the signals transmitted to and received from the brain, and the information desired to be obtained. The brain may modulate the amplitude, frequency and/or phase of the interference waveform. Certain of these parameters will be more sensitive to corresponding brain wave characteristics than others. Selection of amplitude, frequency or phase demodulation means is governed by the choice of brain wave characteristic to be monitored. If desired, several different types of demodulators can be provided and used alternately or at the same time.

The demodulated signal which is representative of the monitored brain wave activity is passed through audio amplifiers 50 a, b, c which may be of conventional type where it is amplified and routed to displays 58 a, b, c and a computer 60. The displays 58 a, b, c present the raw brain wave signals from the amplifiers 50 a, b, c. The computer 60 processes the amplified brain wave signals to derive information suitable for viewing, e.g., by suppressing, compressing, or expanding elements thereof, or combining them with other information-bearing signals and presents that information on a display 62. The displays can be conventional ones such as the types herebefore mentioned employing electronic visual displays or mechanical plotters 58b. The computer can also be of conventional type, either analog or digital, or a hybrid.

A profile of the entire brain wave emission pattern may be monitored or select areas of the brain may be observed in a single measurement simply by altering the scan angle and direction of the antennas. There is no physical contact between the subject and the monitoring apparatus. The computer 60 also can determine a compensating waveform for transmission to the brain 10 to alter the natural brain waves in a desired fashion. The closed loop compensating system permits instantaneous and continuous modification of the brain wave response pattern.

In performing the brain wave pattern modification function, the computer 60 can be furnished with an external standard signal from a source 70 representative of brain wave activity associated with a desired nuerological response. The region of the brain responsible for the response is monitored and the received signal, indicative of the brain wave activity therein, is compared with the standard signal. The computer 60 is programmed to determine a compensating signal, responsive to the difference between the standard signal and received signal. The compensating signal, when transmitted to the monitored region of the brain, modulates the natural brain wave activity therein toward a reproduction of the standard signal, thereby changing the neurological response of the subject.

The computer 60 controls an auxiliary transmitter 64 which transmits the compensating signal to the brain 10 of the subject via an antenna 66. The transmitter 64 is of the high frequency type commonly used in radar applications. The antenna 66 can be similar to antennas 41, 43 and 45 and can be combined with them. Through these means, brain wave activity may be altered and deviations from a desired norm may be compensated. Brain waves may be monitored and control signals transmitted to the brain from a remote station.

It is to be noted that the configuration described is one of many possibilities which may be formulated without departing from the spirit of my invention. The transmitters can be monostratic or bistatic. They also can be single, dual, or multiple frequency devices. The transmitted signal can be continuous wave, pulse, FM, or any combination of these as well as other transmission forms. Typical operating frequencies for the transmitters range from 1 MHz to 40 GHz but may be altered to suit the particular function being monitored and the characteristics of the specific subject.

The individual components of the system for monitoring and controlling brain wave activity may be of conventional type commonly employed in radar systems.

Various subassemblies of the brain wave monitoring and control apparatus may be added, substituted or combined. Thus, separate antennas or a single multi-mode antenna may be used for transmission and reception. Additional displays and computers may be added to present and analyze select components of the monitored brain waves.

Modulation of the interference signal retransmitted by the brain may be of amplitude, frequency and/or phase. Appropriate demodulators may be used to decipher the subject's brain activity and select components of his brain waves may be analyzed by computer to determine his mental state and monitor his thought processes.

As will be appreciated by those familiar with the art, apparatus and method of the subject invention has numerous uses. Persons in critical positions such as drivers and pilots can be continuously monitored with provision for activation of an emergency device in the event of human failure. Seizures, sleepiness and dreaming can be detected. Bodily functions such as pulse rate, heartbeat reqularity and others also can be monitored and occurrences of hallucinations can be detected. The system also permits medical diagnoses of patients, inaccessible to physicians, from remote stations.

What is claimed is:
1. Brain wave monitoring apparatus comprising
means for producing a base frequency signal,
means for producing a first signal having a frequency related to that of the base frequency and at a predetermined phase related thereto,
means for transmitting both said base frequency and said first signals to the brain of the subject being monitored,
means for receiving a second signal transmitted by the brain of the subject being monitored in response to both said base frequency and said first signals,
mixing means for producing from said base frequency signal and said received second signal a response signal having a frequency related to that of the base frequency, and
means for interpreting said response signal.
2. Apparatus as in claim 1 where said receiving means comprises
means for isolating the transmitted signals from the received second signals.
3. Apparatus as in claim 2 further comprising a band pass filter with an input connected to said isolating means and an output connected to said mixing means.
4. Apparatus as in claim 1 further comprising means for amplifying said response signal.
5. Apparatus as in claim 4 further comprising means for demodulating said amplified response signal.
6. Apparatus as in claim 5 further comprising interpreting means connected to the output of said demodulator means.
7. Apparatus according to claim 1 further comprising
means for producing an electromagnetic wave control signal dependent on said response signal, and
means for transmitting said control signal to the brain of said subject.
8. Apparatus as in claim 7 wherein said transmitting means comprises means for directing the electromagnetic wave control signal to a predetermined part of the brain.
9. A process for monitoring brain wave activity of a subject comprising the steps of
transmitting at least two electromagnetic energy signals of different frequencies to the brain of the subject being monitored,
receiving an electromagnetic energy signal resulting from the mixing of said two signals in the brain modulated by the brain wave activity and retransmitted by the brain in response to said transmitted energy signals, and,
interpreting said received signal.
10. A process as in claim 9 further comprising the step of transmitting a further electromagnetic wave signal to the brain to vary the brain wave activity.
11. A process as in claim 10 wherein the step of transmitting the further signals comprises
obtaining a standard signal,
comparing said received electromagnetic energy signals with said standard signal,
producing a compensating signal corresponding to the comparison between said received electrogagnetic energy signals and the standard signal, and
transmitting the compensating signals to the brain of the subject being monitored.

Patent 1

Patent 2


Method and system for generating sensory data onto the human neural cortex
US 6536440 B1
A non-invasive system and process for projecting sensory data onto the human neural cortex is provided. The system includes a primary transducer array and a secondary transducer array. The primary transducer array acts as a coherent signal source, and the secondary transducer array acts as a controllable diffraction pattern that focuses energy onto the neural cortex in a desired pattern. In addition, the pattern of energy is constructed such that each portion projected into the neural cortex may be individually pulsed at low frequency. This low frequency pulsing is formed by controlling the phase differences between the emitted energy of the elements of primary and secondary transducer arrays.

Publication number US6536440 B1
Publication type Grant
Application number US 09/690,571
Publication date Mar 25, 2003
Filing date Oct 17, 2000
Priority date Oct 17, 2000
Fee status Paid
Also published as US6729337, US20030145864
Inventors Thomas P. Dawson
Original Assignee Sony Corporation, Sony Electronics, Inc.
Export Citation BiBTeX, EndNote, RefMan
Patent Citations (19), Non-Patent Citations (20), Referenced by (25), Classifications (5), Legal Events (4)
External Links: USPTO, USPTO Assignment, Espacenet


The present Application is related to the U.S. patent application entitled “Method And System For Forming An Acoustic Signal From Neural Timing Difference Data,” Ser. No. 09/690,786, co-filed with the present application on even date, and assigned to the Assignee of the present invention, and is hereby incorporated by reference in its entirety.

The present invention relates to non-invasive methods and systems for generating sensory experiences within the human neural cortex.

A conventional technique for generating neural activity in the human nervous system requires surgical implants. The implants may comprise wires that cause electronic impulses to interact with some portion of the human nervous system, such as the human neural cortex, and thereby cause neural activity in the human neural cortex. Researchers have successfully mapped audio sensory data to the cochlear channel, and visual data to the visual cortex.

Conventional invasive techniques have several drawbacks. First, surgical implants may cause patient trauma and medical complications during and/or after surgery. Second, additional or on-going surgery may be required, particularly if new technology is developed.

The present invention solves the foregoing drawbacks by providing a non-invasive system and process for generating/projecting sensory data (visual, audio, taste, smell or touch) within/onto the human neural cortex.

One embodiment of the system comprises a primary transducer array and a secondary transducer array. The primary transducer array acts as a coherent or nearly-coherent signal source. The secondary transducer array acts as a controllable, acoustical diffraction pattern that shapes, focuses and modulates energy from the primary transducer onto the neural cortex in a desired pattern. The secondary transducer emits acoustical energy that may be shifted in phase and amplitude relative to the primary array emissions.

The pattern of energy is constructed such that each portion of the pattern projected into the neural cortex may be individually pulsed at low frequency. The system produces low frequency pulsing by controlling the phase differences between the emitted energy of the primary and secondary transducer array elements. The pulsed ultrasonic signal alters the neural firing timing in the cortex. Changes in the neural firing timing induce various sensory experiences depending on the location of the firing timing change in the cortex. The mapping of sensory areas of the cortex is known and used in current surgically invasive techniques. Thus, the system induces recognizable sensory experiences by applying ultrasonic energy pulsed at low frequency in one or more selected patterns on one or more selected locations of the cortex.

One of the advantages of the present system is that no invasive surgery is needed to assist a person, such as a blind person, to view live and/or recorded images or hear sounds.

This brief summary has been provided so that the nature of the invention may be understood quickly. A more complete understanding of the invention can be obtained by reference to the following detailed description of the preferred embodiments thereof in connection with the attached drawings.

FIG. 1 illustrates one embodiment of a system in accordance with the present invention.

FIG. 2 illustrates one embodiment of a transducer system within the system of FIG. 1.

FIG. 3 illustrates one embodiment of a process in accordance with the present invention.

Use of the same reference symbols in different figures indicates similar or identical items.

FIG. 1 illustrates one embodiment of a system 120 in accordance with the present invention. FIG. 1 shows a visual portion 100 of the human cortex located in a person's brain 100A, such as for example, a vision-impaired person's brain. The system 120 of FIG. 1 is used with the visual cortex 100 merely as an example and is not intended to limit the scope of the invention. Instead of or in addition to the visual cortex 100, the system 120 may be used to stimulate neural activity in other areas of the nervous system. For example, the system 120 may be used as is or modified to generate audio, taste, smell or touch sensations within the brain 100A.

In FIG. 1, the system 120 comprises a receiving module 110, a processing module 101, a signal generator 102, a reference signal generator 103, a transducer system 106, a first signal line 104 and a second signal line 105. The receiving module 110, processing module 101, signal generator 102, and reference signal generator 103, may be referred to as, alone or in combination, a sensory data processing system. Various configurations of the system 120 may be configured in accordance with the present invention. The system 120 may comprise other modules and components in addition to or instead of the modules and components shown in FIG. 1.

In general, the system 120 receives, analyzes and transfers the sensory data 112 to the human brain 100A. The receiving module 110 receives sensory input data 112. Such data 112 may comprise live video data captured by a video camera (not shown) which a vision-impaired person may not be able to see. The sensory data 112 may be live or recorded. The data 112 may be generated by other sources, such as for example a VCR, a DVD player, a cable broadcast, a satellite broadcast, an Internet connection, etc.

The processing module 101 receives input data 101A from the receiving module 110 and formats or converts the data 101A. For example, analog input data from the receiving module 110 may be digitized and/or converted into a neural firing time difference pattern. In one embodiment, the system 120 uses a technique that is reversed from a technique disclosed in “Reconstruction of Natural Scenes from Ensemble Responses in the Lateral Geniculate Nucleus” by Garrett B. Stanley et al. in the Sep. 15, 1999 issue of the Journal of Neuroscience, which is hereby incorporated by reference in its entirety.

Processed data 101B is transferred to the signal generator 102. Based upon the data 101B, the signal generator 102 generates a first signal 104A on the first line 104. The reference signal generator 103 generates a reference signal 105A on the second line 105. Both signals 104A and 105A are transferred to a transducer system 106.

FIG. 2 illustrates one embodiment of a transducer system 106 within the system 120 of FIG. 1. The transducer system 106 includes a primary (or first) transducer array 200, and a secondary (or second) transducer array 202. An aperture 201 with a distance “d” separates the primary and secondary arrays 200 and 202. The distance 201 may be fixed or adjusted depending on the wavelength of energy emitted by primary array 200. In one embodiment, the distance 201 is equal to the wavelength of sound emitted by the primary transducer 200.

The primary transducer array 200 may comprise one or more columns and rows of individually-controllable piezoelectric elements. The secondary transducer array 202 may also comprise a two-dimensional array of individually-controllable piezoelectric elements.

In one embodiment, the primary and/or secondary transducer array 200, 202 each comprise a thin sheet of metal, glass, plastic or ceramic material covered with a two-dimensional array of individually-controllable piezoelectric elements. Each element in the arrays 200, 202 may emit a unique signal. The arrays 200, 202 may or may not be flat and may be shaped to conform to a portion of the human head over which the transducer system 106 lays to provide better focusing. The layout of individual elements within each array 200, 202 can also be altered to provide better focusing, according to the shape of the area of the human cortex where signal 104A is to be projected.

In one embodiment, the arrays 200, 202 comprise piezoelectric elements that are held together by a flexible material, such as plastic or rubber. This embodiment allows the arrays 200, 202 to further conform to a portion of the human head over which the transducer system 106 lays to provide better focusing.

The primary and secondary transducer arrays 200 and 202 are arranged such that the primary array 200 acts as a source of coherent energy, while the secondary array 202 acts as a programmable diffraction grating. For example, the primary transducer array 200 may comprise a phased array of emitters, whereby the combined output of some or all of the emitters appears to the secondary transducer array 202 as a coherent acoustical signal source. The primary array 200 may emit acoustical energy, thereby providing an acoustical implementation of projective holography. In one embodiment, the phase of one or more array elements in the primary array 200 is controllable to allow shaping of the energy received by the secondary transducer array 202. The primary and secondary arrays 200 and 202 may emit ultrasonic energy at the same wavelength.

The secondary transducer array 202 may comprise an array of emitters, where each emitter can be individually controlled for amplitude and phase relative to the energy emitted by primary transducer 200. Changes in signal amplitude and phase are driven by signal 104A. The secondary array 202 may provide focusing and low frequency modulation of phase differences and/or signal amplitude between the energy emitted by the arrays 200, 202. The modulation of phase differences and/or signal amplitude induces low frequency vibrations in the neurons of the visual cortex 100. The focusing effect is accomplished by the primary array 200 acting as a coherent signal source, and the secondary array 202 acting as a controllable diffraction pattern, based upon signals 104A and 105A.

Ultrasonic frequencies may accurately place signal patterns within the cortex. Interaction of emissions from the primary and secondary arrays 200, 202 projects an interference pattern (e.g., low frequency signals or pulses) in the brain 100A. The projected interference pattern creates a highly defined pattern within the visual cortex 100 or another other part of the human neural cortex. Each point in the pattern may have an individually pulsed low frequency amplitude that is used to modify neural firing times.

Low frequency amplitude modulation combined with wavelength phase interactions from the primary and secondary transducer arrays 200, 202 form a stimulus to activate neurons in the visual cortex area 100 or another other part of the human neural cortex. By controlling the pattern of signal amplitude and phase shifts in secondary array 202, a wide range of patterns can be focused towards visual cortex 100 or any other region of the human cortex. Ultrasonic signals altering neural firings are discussed in “Temporally-specific modification of myelinated axon excitability in vitro following a single ultrasound pulse” by Mihran et al. published by the Ultrasound Med Biol 1990, 16(3), pp. 297-309 and “Transient Modification of Nerve Excitability In Vitro by Single Ultrasound Pulses” by Mihran et al. found in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Colorado, 1990, paper #90-038, which are hereby incorporated by reference in their entirety.

Changes in the neural firing timing induce various sensory experiences depending on the location of the firing timing change in the cortex. The mapping of sensory areas of the cortex is known and used in current surgically invasive techniques.

FIG. 3 illustrates one embodiment of a process in accordance with the present invention. In a process block 301, the receiving module 110 (FIG. 1) receives sensory input data 112 from, for example, a video camera, VCR, DVD player, cable broadcast, satellite broadcast, and/or Internet connection. The receiving module 110 outputs the data 101A to the processing module 101 (FIG. 1).

In a block 302, the processing module 101 processes the input data 101A. As stated above, in one embodiment, the processing module 101 digitizes analog data 101A from the receiving module 110 and/or converts the data 101A into a set of neural firing time differences or a pattern.

In a block 303, the signal generator 102 converts the firing time differences to a first signal 104A. For example, the first signal 104A may comprise an acoustical pattern, which comprises a plurality of amplitude and phase differences. In one embodiment, this conversion is accomplished by using known techniques in generating projective holograms. Acoustic holography is discussed in “Nearfield acoustic holography: I. Theory of generalized holography and the development of NAH” by J. D. Maynard et al. in the October 1985 issue of the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, which is hereby incorporated by reference in its entirety.

In a block 304, the reference generator module 103 generates a reference signal 105A, which provides a coherent signal source, onto the second line 105. In one embodiment, the acts described in blocks 303 and 304 occur substantially simultaneously.

In a block 305, signals 104A and 105A are transferred to transducer system 106. The first signal 104A is transferred to the secondary array 202. The reference signal 105A is transferred to the primary array 200.

In a block 306, the transducer arrays 200 and 202 project a focused interference pattern onto the human cortex. The shape of the interference pattern and the amplitude pulse rate for each portion of the pattern may be controlled through the signals transferred in block 305. Low frequency pulses are derived from the interaction of the emissions from the primary and secondary arrays 200, 202.

In a block 307, low frequency pulsing of different points of the projected ultrasonic energy modifies the firing timing of the neurons in the human nervous system (in this example, the visual cortex 100), thereby giving rise to perceived sensory experiences, such as visual images. Sensory data is mapped in the neural cortex as differences in neural firing times. Thus, altering the firing times in cortical neurons can generate sensory experiences.

One advantage of the present system is that no surgery is needed to change neural activity causing a sensory experience.

Although the present invention has been described with reference to specific embodiments, these embodiments are illustrative only and not limiting. Many other applications of this present invention will be apparent in light of this disclosure and the following claims.

What is claimed is:
1. A non-invasive system for projecting sensory data in a part of a human brain, the system comprising:
a primary transducer array configured to emit acoustic energy as a coherent signal source toward the human brain;
a secondary transducer array positioned between the primary transducer array and the human brain; and
a sensory data processing system coupled to the secondary transducer array, wherein the sensory data processing system sends an acoustical pattern signal to the secondary transducer array, the secondary transducer array producing a diffraction pattern for the emitted energy from the primary transducer array, the diffraction pattern altering neural firing timing in the brain.
2. The system of claim 1, wherein the primary and secondary transducer arrays are separated by a distance substantially equal to the wavelength of the emitted energy from the primary array.
3. The system of claim 1, wherein the primary and secondary transducer arrays are separated by a distance substantially equal to a multiple of the wavelength of the emissions from the primary array.
4. The system of claim 1, wherein the primary transducer array appears to the secondary transducer array as a coherent signal source.
5. The system of claim 1, wherein emitted energy from the secondary transducer array is amplitude and phase shifted from the emitted energy from the primary array.
6. The system of claim 1, wherein an interaction of emitted energies from the primary and secondary transducer arrays produces an interference pattern, which is projected into the human brain.
7. The system of claim 1, wherein an interaction of emitted energies from the primary and secondary transducer arrays produces a plurality of controllable, low frequency pulses.
8. The system of claim 1, wherein the primary transducer array comprises an array of piezoelectric elements.
9. The system of claim 1, wherein the secondary transducer array comprises an array of piezoelectric elements.
10. The system of claim 1, wherein the primary and secondary arrays comprise a plurality of piezoelectric elements that are held together by a flexible material, wherein the primary and secondary arrays may conform to a shape of the human head.
11. The system of claim 1, wherein the sensory data processing system obtains sensory data from a data source selected from a group consisting of a video camera, a VCR, a DVD player, a cable broadcast, a satellite broadcast, and an Internet connector.
12. The system of claim 1, wherein the sensory data processing system comprises a processing module configured to convert analog data from a data source to digital data for the secondary transducer array.
13. The system of claim 1, wherein the sensory data processing system converts sensory data to a plurality of neural firing time differences, and converts the neural firing time differences to an acoustical pattern signal, which is sent to the secondary transducer array.
14. The system of claim 1, wherein the sensory data processing system comprises:
a signal generator coupled to the secondary transducer array, the signal generator generating an acoustical pattern signal to the secondary transducer array, the acoustical pattern signal being based on sensory data from a sensory data source; and
a reference signal generator coupled to the primary transducer array, the reference signal generator generating a reference signal to the primary transducer

Patent 3

Patent 4

Patent 5

Patent 6


Mind control via electronic manipulation

Because mind control is a classified topic, it is impossible to nail the subject dead on. However, this article was revealing enough to have created a very strong response from the powers that be. I will soon post an updated video which better explains how Windows 7 and the new LCD display chipsets may be configured for mind control.

This article is getting repeatedly hacked. That should say how important it is. If you see any stupid looking "mistakes" check back later because that is the form the hacks are taking. Joe Vialls died while in the process of producing a report like this, and I would bet this is somewhere close to where he was going to take this topic.

The brain is a computer, and like a computer it has a clock frequency that all thoughts, your existence, is centered around. This is a little basic because your brain in reality has multiple simultaneous clock frequencies which interact with each other and serve different purposes for biological function, whereas a microprocessor normally has only one central clock that everything in it synchronizes with. For example, your visual cortex may process at a different frequency than the section of your brain which regulates your heart beat. Feelings and thoughts will run at another frequency.

Because your brain is an ultra parallel computer, it can accomplish a lot while using frequencies that are far lower than would be practical in a microprocessor, and these frequencies are in the ELF (extended low frequency) range.

The fact that your brain operates on frequencies leaves it open to manipulation via electronic means. Since different moods are reflected by different frequencies, it is possible to electronically force people to be relaxed when they should be angry, laugh when they should be appalled, and give loyalty when they should rebel. There are a number of ways that this can be accomplished, and this report will touch on a few of them.

The switch to digital television was un precedented, rapid, and illegal. It was a direct violation of long established standards regulation, which, by the book, required backwards compatibility with legacy devices. It was illegal because it FORCED stations to change format, whether they wanted to or not. Television was not the same as computers, where standards can change in a day and be perfectly legal, because television utilized the electromagnetic spectrum - VHF and UHF, and there were long standing laws in place which clearly stated that there would be no forced changes permitted with regard to how the well established radio frequency bands were used. IF a station, under its own free will CHOSE to start broadcasting digital only, that was up to them, and would have been permitted. The illegal aspect of the switch was the fact that it was forced on everyone, wanted or not.

And "they" had a reason.

For background, I suggest you read a brilliant article by Joe Vialls that is preserved on this site. In it, he shows a device Hollywood used to manipulate people's response to what was being broadcast over analog television. But the NTSC signal, which all standard definition televisions operated on, really was an ultra stable and hard to manipulate signal standard. This made analog manipulation of people's psychological responses to what was on the screen difficult to achieve in a perfectly uniform fashion. Televisions were designed to reject spurious modulations in the signal, so depending upon each television receiver's differences, you got a different level of effectiveness.

This would not do well enough to subdue the population during the final crush of America. They HAD TO get the switch to digital, where things could be manipulated with perfect and predictable digital accuracy. And I have caught them at it, and will tell you how to as well.

The method -

Vialls believed that they would manipulate public response by getting the correct color flicker at random places on the screen, and he died before they forced the switch to digital television. As it turned out in reality, that is not entirely how they are doing it. Instead, if you look closely at any mid tone area on the screen (an area that is not totally white or totally black, and this will move around the screen depending upon the scene) you will notice a snow effect, which on average makes a perfect picture, but the picture itself is really in fact a subtly modulated "snow storm" where the "snow" always takes upon itself the color of whatever the image is supposed to be in that spot. Gray areas are by far the best place to look for this. The snow will be moving and modulating and circling at the frequency that triggers whatever feeling they want you to have for whatever is on the screen. Keep in mind that there should be NO SUCH THING AS SNOW IN A DIGITAL PICTURE, yet it is there.

It is not in all broadcasts. I suggest you observe the screen during any program where they are bragging about being Jewish, are pushing a gay agenda, or are airing a political topic - especially campaign ads and politically weighted news. Anything of a political nature.

How to observe the screen -

The effect is not obvious. You have to get tricky to see it. So go beneath the TV, up very close to it, at an angle where the picture does not show right. You have to be able to see the sub tones only. And THEN you will see the snow. Computers will do the color shift as well. Take your (LCD) computer screen, for practice before trying it on a big clumsy LCD television, and tilt the screen back until you see a shift in the way the colors are displayed. Many of you have already noticed this. It is at that angle you have to look at the TV, from below and not the side. This will not work on a plasma TV. But on an LCD tv, you will see what I am talking about. Windows 7 will also create and modulate a similar "snow" on computer screens, even in a still picture or desktop image. This is something new, I have always had the latest and greatest computers, and this weird effect only showed up with Windows 7. It is creepy.

And I have now learned exactly what that effect is from. It is something I never expected.

Back in 2004, technology was more advanced than it is now. Therefore, my Toshiba laptop I had back then had a better screen, with full 24 bit color resolution, which featured 8 bit color for each of the color channels. This enabled it to display 16.7 million colors, and as a result there was no need for an early 1990's technology called dithering to be used to prevent the screen from pixelation due to lack of ability to display a separate color for each pixel. Dithering is a random scattering or movement of pixels to simulate the presence of a greater ability to display color.

But when Windows 7 came out, all of a sudden we forgot how to make a good display, and instead of advancing on to 12 bits per color channel (which would have made 36 bit color instead of the 24 bit color we had in the late 90's,) we had to step backwards to six bits per color channel because we just could not produce a video chip for an LCD screen that was capable of doing it anymore. Damn those public schools. But wait, China is advancing, so that cannot be it. That ends the sarcasm.

Folks, they sabotaged the screens. Now we are eating trash. Lots of people have noticed and there is a very good reason for them to have sabotaged the screens. Keep in mind that this sabotage coincided precisely with the release of Windows 7 and the forced switch to digital television, which was totally illegal in the way it was carried out. This sabotage gave them a "reason" to put a modulation effect called dithering into every computer display, an effect which can no doubt be used for mind control.

I am going to show you a little math. I will keep it simple and not do any binary (even though that is simple if you just sit down and rationalize it out). But since everyone reading this understands base 10, I will do the math in base 10, and you will just have to trust my knowledge of binary.

8 bits of binary will represent 255 different values, plus zero, for a total of 256, including zero. Six bits of binary can represent 63 different numeric values, plus zero, for a total of 64. So by dropping the displays from 8 color bits per channel to 6 color bits per channel, they took a display that was capable of 256X256X256 colors, for a total of 16.7 million colors, and made it into a display that was capable of 64x64x64 colors, for a total of 262,000 colors. For the most part, the most basic of all displays nowadays has a resolution of 1366X768. 1366 X 768 = 1,049,000 pixels. So the most basic of all monitors on the market now, with six bit color depth, can only display 1/4th of the needed colors for it's resolution. This means you HAVE TO modulate the pixels with dithering, especially on a nice screen which displays at 1920X1080, which equals 2,073,000 pixels or you will get a blotchy or grainy off colored look to any color picture displayed on the screen.

Why would they willfully choose to have all displays take a quantum leap backwards (in this case approximately 12 years) when there was no feasible economic reason to do it? LCD technology is old now, there is no reason to be stuck in the last century with it, unless, of course, you wanted to make an EXCUSE and provide a VENUE through which a mind control effect could be added to any online content or offline program. Digital television provided them with a way to bypass the NTSC limitations and lunge forward with full on mind control embedded in a picture, and having a computer be a refuge from this simply would not do. Now we have irritating noisy screens, and there is no rational reasonable explanation for it other than clandestine intent. And it is interesting that the new Mac Books do not do it, only PC computers do. Why?. Ask Microsoft.

Two years ago we had 8 bit color depth per channel. Now we have 6 bit color depth per channel. And there are three channels. Three channels with six bits of color depth each = 666, and that's just perfect for the luciferian cabal in power, at the Bilderberg conference where what the little people are going to have gets decided on. Want to know what REALLY CAME OUT OF BILDERBERG? It's six bit per channel color depth, when public choice, the true free market, would have driven it upward to 12 instead of downwards. And why? It's because it gave them a plausible explanation for the modulations on the screen that many would notice, and some GEEK would just stand up and say, OH, don't worry, it's just DITHERING. And with that big word as an explanation, everyone would just shut up. Shut up and forget about the 80's and 90's, where it would have actually been needed. And if anyone wants to argue this I suggest first grabbing a Windows XP laptop and try to find this effect. Try to find it on a 10 year old laptop. That ought to make you wish for the good old days.

Nowadays, your "urgent windows update" could be nothing but a new dithering algorithm that is based upon your psychiatric "needs" as defined by an elite few, a decision based upon what you read, surf, write . . . . . . . .

I am going to post an updated version of the previous video, which explains this, but I have to finish it first

Update May 18 2013 - the dithering video got removed from Youtube, and lost in a hard drive crash but I found it in a backup and will re-post it here shortly. I think I am going to update this report and front page it again.
Other things to look for - They can also simply flicker the entire screen in a subtle way (this would be with a TV only because with a computer it would be too obvious). To observe this, turn off all the lights and leave the room the television is in, and while able to see into the room the television is playing in, but not able to see the TV itself, turn to the side and observe the light coming from the TV with your peripheral vision, which is sensitive to flickering. If they are modulating the entire screen, you should be able to see it this way, and it will be a very rapid and even flicker, like a fast strobe. I would expect this to not be as commonly used, but used sparingly when it is needed most to form public opinion, like after a terror attack. Obviously strobing the entire screen is more effective than the snow approach, but it is also a lot riskier. Fortunately for them, during emotional times like after 911, people are very unlikely to notice because they are too caught up in the event.

There is something fishy with the cell towers

Beyond a doubt, the cell towers in America are NOT what we have been told they are.

A reader sent me this: . . . . .“Jim, Years ago I owned a telecommunication and underground utilities construction company, and many of the contracts involved bringing electricity, fiber optics, etc to underground bases in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, California, and Texas.

I had to go through a lot of background investigations and sign documents saying I would not divulge where I “my company” was bringing these utilities to.

My company also erected many cell towers, and I always wondered why they had us bring so much electrical power to these cell towers.

Later, the Army Corps of Engineers would install frequency amplifiers connected with HXXrp. (editor's note, HXXrp is a communications protocol I heard about at the NSA. I tried googling it to no avail, all that comes up is coincidence hits.) I believe they can control the weather. Also, all of us have a frequency pattern we emit and these cell and wifi towers can interfere with those frequencies." . . . . .

I can just visualize Physicist bob, rolling his eyes as he read that about the cell towers affecting people. After all, Cell towers operate in the Ghz range, and clearly the brain cannot interface with THAT high of a frequency. But to that end, Physicist Bob is a lot like idiot Joe.

How a Ghz signal can be used to interface directly with the brain

All frequencies have a penetration depth, and typically, in water, you will hit 100 percent attenuation at one half wavelength. For a 1 GHZ signal, this will be approximately 7 inches. Most people will write that when microwaves hit water they turn into heat. But there is another step, that description is too simplistic. In reality, when any electromagnetic wave gets absorbed into a conductive medium, it does so by turning into electricity, which shorts itself out in the conductive medium, and the resulting current flow is what causes the heating. A radio antenna is tuned to approximate the frequency that is most expected and therefore rather than short out within itself, it passes the frequencies to the tuner amplifier.

So now we know how an electric current can be induced into the brain via a 1 GHZ radio signal, which will fully absorb at a depth of approximately 7 inches. Obviously then, higher frequencies with shorter wavelengths can be used, because you do not need 7 inches of penetration depth. For practical application, the frequency range is between 500 MHZ and 3 GHZ.

We have not yet answered the question of how such a high frequency can interface with the brain. It cannot. However, there are different types of modulation you can put on a wave form, and the two most common are AM and FM. For the purpose of interfacing with the brain, we will be discussing AM.

Amplitude modulation involves the use of a fixed frequency wave form called a carrier, which has its intensity increased and decreased. An amplitude modulated wave form appears to change it's height on an oscilloscope while maintaining it's frequency. If you have a very low frequency AM modulation on a high frequency carrier you can watch the amplitude of the carrier go to max on an oscilloscope, and then drop, all the way to flatline before returning to maximum if the modulation is strong enough and the modulating frequency is low enough to not just look like a blur.

So earlier, I established how you can use a radio wave to deliver electricity. Now, take that ghz wave form from a cell tower, which will penetrate approximately seven inches into the skull and put unintelligible high frequency electricity there, and modulate that unintelligible frequency with an ELF frequency the brain can interface with. Bam - o, you get cell phone tower induced mind control. And it's a piece of cake, it works better than any other method, you see,

If you transmit an ELF wave form by itself, it will need a many miles long antenna to pick it up properly, it will not interface with the body very well because your body is not a big enough antenna for the ELF wave to efficiently "short out" in. You would need a really intense signal to do anything. But if you can take that ELF frequency and use it to modulate a super high frequency carrier, that carrier will drop all of it's energy directly into your skull, and let the modulation of that energy do the rest. Of course, there are other factors, like a single side or asymmetric carrier, but to avoid getting too complex I have said enough here to give you the idea and certainly enough to put an evil genius on the right path.

The following video shows this being done to some test monkeys a little way in. Obviously in this case, the power levels are very high. Unfortunately the video has a bit of a crazy aspect to it, and it is very outdated, which is to be expected with anything of this nature that is actually allowed to stay online.

Now onto WHY ON EARTH American cell towers have so much juice going to them.

This is a serious topic.

In America, computer wifi is limited to 20 milliwatts transmit power and often even with that tiny amount you can connect from hundreds of feet away with no special antennas or hardware. Your cell phone can transmit 300 milliwatts. That's well over 10 times the power, and the range of your cell phone is that much better. All that is needed to make a great cellular node is a 10 watt transmitter (to make sure it gets real good penetration into the surrounding buildings,) and a receiver that is more sensitive than the one in your cell phone because you are talking back with a lot less than 10 watts.

10 watts is 500 times as strong as your wireless N router that comes in perfect everywhere. A lucky neighbor might snag your unsecured router with only 20 milliwatts of output from over a block away with just a cheap netbook. Why then, since 10 watts will clearly do the job, are there these ENORMOUS out in the open giant goose invading "cell towers" in America that are obviously capable of pumping many thousands of watts?

It's because the cell towers in America have a totally different purpose than stated. Sure, the tower does indeed accomplish the job of supporting cell phone service, but it is not needed at all for that purpose. They are there to hide something clandestine right in the great wide open.

My reader stated: "My company also erected many cell towers, and I always wondered why they had us bring so much electrical power to these cell towers." He NAILED IT. As a technical type, I paid attention to the cell towers, and noticed that they always seem to have a 400KVA or bigger transformer feeding them (I never actually walked up and looked at the data plate). 400KVA is approximately 400,000 watts. And I never really thought about it, why on earth they always got fed so much juice. Sometimes you just need to wake up and start thinking. Mexico confirms this - cell technology is totally passe' and a perfectly functional legitimate node can be stuck in a yard decoration powered by less juice than needed by an average Ipod dock.

Another comment came in stating that American cell towers in fact only get anywhere from twenty thousand to sixty thousand watts, complete with verified documentation that that is "all it is". Ok, Fine then. WLS in Chicago broadcasts with 50,000 watts, and with a good radio you can hear it anywhere in the world when conditions are right. To sometimes pump even more than that into a single American neighborhood via the local tower which is serving only a two mile area is far beyond suspicious. It is case proven. Those cell towers ARE NOT WHAT WE HAVE BEEN TOLD and I am certain that even 60,000 watts would be a conservative estimate for many of them.

Why pump so many watts?

The antenna arrays on the cell towers are highly directional. That's obvious. So since the signal from them is confined to a zone, rather than going out omnidirectionally, whatever is in that zone will get extremely high R.F. levels. Maybe you need that much for mind control, but I seriously doubt it. With such an ability to confine the signal to within a zone, I would expect a mind control beam to not need more than a couple thousand watts. Where is the rest of that power going?

My guess, is Japan, Hurricane Katrina, or Chiapas Mexico. Whatever earthquake or disaster "they" need to accomplish a political objective. And there is something you need to know about radio wave propagation - it can be steered. So just because a cell tower appears to only be able place all it's RF output within a confined zone, it does not mean that signal cannot be diverted and sent elsewhere. This is because a neighboring cell tower can be synchronized in such a way that it steers the output from surrounding towers to a new remote area. And that is how Haarp works, BET ON IT.

American cell towers then, I believe in this order, have multiple purposes. The first is EMF mind control. Ever wonder why on some mornings EVERYONE seems to be happy, and on others EVERYONE seems to be grouchy? People don't just naturally fall into a mold like that, yet you see it all the time. And you never used to. This is a new phenomenon. Back in the 70's and 80's moods were totally random. Not anymore. There are happy days when everyone is happy, and grouchy days and indifferent days. If you have not noticed this, start paying attention. People's lives are random, and there should be absolutely no reason for their moods to all be similar for any reason other than outside manipulation.

The second purpose is an occasional one - I believe that occasionally the towers will be switched up to full output to eat a nuclear reactor in Japan via a phony earthquake scenario, or to make good and sure a hurricane is useful for a social experiment in New Orleans. But you cannot have them humming away at full output all the time without it becoming obvious, so the ability is likely saved for special occasions. Furthermore, with as many as there are around, it probably does not take more than a few percent of them at any one time to pull off something big. And this is exactly why, as my reader also stated, "Later, the Army Corps of Engineers would install frequency amplifiers connected with HXXrp. I believe they can control the weather." Why, pray tell, would the Corps of Engineers show up and install something in a "civilian" cell tower? Think about that. We all know the "elite" can trigger earthquakes. We all know they can tweak the weather. The question is then, since there is no GIANT UFO in the sky doing it, where is their system located?

And the third purpose is B.S. - "cell phone service". That's as close as it can get to a lie, because any telephone pole, attic, or yard decoration would do the job as well. Mexico PROVES IT.

I also received the comment: "how do the elite prevent themselves from getting beamed"? That answer is easy. The elite live in tight little enclaves that are pretty much set apart from the rest of society. Keeping the happy ray off them is as easy as simply not having the local cell tower deliver it to their isolated little pocket. To find out where YOU can live and get away from it all, pick up the phone book and move RIGHT TO THE CENTER of where all the synagogues are, that is, IF you can get in there. If you are not one of "them", count on paying a price 4x higher than the community average. Their communities are insanely expensive for outsiders, and yet even the poorest one of them can not only live there, but get ahead while doing so.

Audio noise modulation, and "poppers"

During the Iraq war, America seized control of all the Iraqi transmitters, and started broadcasting propaganda. Normally, people would reject it outright. But America knew this, so under every broadcast they put a layer of noise. They did nothing to the audio people listened to, but they modulated the background noise prevalent in any radio signal (and in these broadcasts the injected noise was higher than usual, but not extreme,) and to get the Iraqis to accept what was being broadcast, even though often it was an obvious lie, the injected noise in the radio signal was modulated with a waveform that put people's brains into a mode of acceptance, and it worked spectacularly well.

But that was not enough to satisfy American desire, so,

they dropped AM modulated microwave transmitters called "poppers" onto the rooftops and into various areas where they were not likely to be discovered. Soldiers were usually put in place to guard them. If the "poppers" were discovered, and anyone tried to de-activate them they would be shot. These worked even better than the noise modulated radio signal, and the Iraqis, who had never been exposed to such manipulation knew something was up and absolutely hated them. They figured out that the "poppers" emitted a mind control beam. But after long enough exposure, because they would be killed if they messed with the devices, they eventually succumbed and complied.

So I have covered here three different ways frequencies can be used to manipulate the mind. The first is through the manipulation of a video signal. The second is manipulation of an audio signal, and the third, and worst, is to beam it straight into your head. And the psychological warfare is extremely cruel surrounding this as well. "tinfoil hat" has been used as a phrase to designate "crazies". Let me ask you, WHY?. "they are beaming me, and putting thoughts in my head" has been used to define "crazy". Let me ask you WHY? I will tell you why, and it is because uncovering any great conspiracy HAS TO BE DEFINED AS "CRAZY" or the game is up. As long as people who know the truth are successfully designated as whack jobs, the truth will remain in an isolated pocket and reality will then successfully smash everyone who is deemed "sane".

I am sure a few people will respond, saying that cell tower frequencies have a limited range. This is bogus - it is common for microwave frequencies to link at distances over 50 miles. That's a lot more than what is needed for mind control beams, when the nearest cell tower is usually less than 2 miles away.
And I can easily see that the antennas on these cell towers are not limited to high frequencies alone. Their size is suspicious, and all it would take is a coil of wire inside one of those arrays to drop the transmit frequency WAY DOWN, into a more effective range for weather modification and other nasties, and the antenna would not need to be physically large at all.
For reference, the longest possible antenna needed for ANY cell activity in the U.S. is around 20 inches, for the lowest possible cell related frequencies. More common would be 9 inch antennas. Why then are the antennas which adorn cell towers up to eight feet long? you can easily make a high powered coil antenna suitable for low MHZ frequencies with that much room to work with. Perhaps you should ask the Corps of Engineers why the size of the arrays does not match the stated function, because the Corps of Engineers has no legitimate business on a civilian tower yet is prevalent everywhere according to one of my readers who worked with this stuff and happened to know the name of a military protocol only an insider would know.





Woorden en frequenties: de weg naar herprogrammering van ons DNA

Russische wetenschappers hebben bewezen dat ons DNA kan worden herprogrammeert door slechts woorden en bepaalde frequenties. Volgens wetenschappers wordt maar 10% van ons DNA gebruikt voor het bouwen van proteïnen. Dit deel van het DNA wordt onderzocht door wetenschappers, met het plan om het nogmaals te bekijken en in kaart te brengen. Zij hopen tijdens dit onderzoek nieuwe inzichten op te doen.

De resterende 90% van het DNA wordt geacht “afval DNA” te zijn. Ik weet dat de meesten het niet eens zullen zijn met deze term, maar laten we verder gaan.

Een aantal jaar geleden werd, door het ontwikkelen van nieuwe formules door Russische wetenschappers gespecialiseerd in biofysica en moleculaire biologie, aangetoond dat 7% van het DNA een hoger doel dient en dus in geen enkele manier “afval” is. Volgens nieuwere onderzoeken is het menselijk DNA een biologisch internet welke veel verder ontwikkelt is dan het kunstmatige internet.

Russisch biofysicus en moleculair bioloog Pjotr Garjajev en zijn medeonderzoekers belichten, direct of indirect, fonemen zoals: helderziendheid, intuïtie, spontane genezing op afstand, zelfgenezing, affirmatie technieken, ongewone lichten/aura’s om mensen (voornamelijk spirituele meesters), invloed van de gedachten op weerpatronen en meer. Aanvullend is er bewijs voor een nieuw type medicijn waarin het DNA beïnvloed en herprogrammeert kan worden door woorden en frequenties, zonder genen te moeten herplaatsen of verwijderen.

Dit zijn de zes belangrijkste onderzoekspunten:

1- Twee verschillende onderdelen van de wetenschap zijn gebruikt en werden samengevoegd: taalbegrip en genetica. Deze werden gebruikt bij het onderzoeken van de 90% “afval DNA”.

2- Het resultaat, de bevindingen en conclusie:
Ons DNA is niet alleen verantwoordelijk voor het bouwen van ons lichaam, maar dient ook als data opslag en communicatiemiddel. De Russische taalkundigen ontdekten dat de genetische code, vooral in de op het eerste gezicht nutteloze 90% DNA, dezelfde regels volgt als al onze menselijke talen. Ze vergeleken dit met de regels van syntaxis (de manier waarop woorden samen worden gezet om zinnen te vormen), semantiek (betekenisleer) en de standaard regels voor spelling.

Onderzoekers waren in staat om uit te vinden dat de alkaliën van ons DNA een reguliere spelling hebben en regels hebben opgesteld, dit is ook het geval bij onze talen. Onze menselijke taal is dus niet zomaar ontstaan, maar is een reflectie van ons eigen DNA. Onderzoekers verkenden ook het vibrationele gedrag van DNA. Ook zagen ze dat levende chromosomen net als een holografische computer, die gebruik maakt van endogene DNA laser straling, functioneerden. Dit betekent dat het hen lukte om bepaalde frequentie patronen te reguleren op een laser straal. Daarmee beïnvloedden zij de frequentie van het DNA en de genetische informatie zelf. De basis structuur van DNA-alkaline paren en taal is hetzelfde.

3- Wat vind je van deze? Door het gebruik van woorden en zinnen kan ons DNA herprogrammeert worden. Ook mantras en intonatie kunnen veel doen, omdat woorden en zinnen een vibrationele frequentie voortbrengen.

4- De DNA substantie in levend weefsel (niet ‘in vitro’- buiten het lichaam) zal altijd reageren op de vibratie/frequentie van taal, versterkt door de laserstralen en zal zelfs reageren op radiogolven. Natuurlijk moeten er dan de gepaste frequenties worden geselecteerd en gebruikt voor elke substantie die je wil aanpassen.

5- Wetenschappelijk verklaard:
Autogene training is een psychotherapeutische techniek gebaseerd op passieve concentratie op fysieke prikkelingen. Het ligt dichter bij meditatie technieken dan die van suggestie of hypnose. Hypnose kan een sterk effect hebben op de mens en haar lichaam, omdat het normaal en natuurlijk is voor DNA om te reageren op taal.
Russische wetenschappers werkten aan apparaten die het cellulair metabolisme konden beïnvloeden door de juiste radio frequentie en gemoduleerd licht te gebruiken, waardoor ze in staat zouden zijn genetische defecten te repareren. Garjajev en zijn groep slaagden er in om met deze methode te bewijzen dat chromosomen beschadigd door röntgenstraling gerepareerd kunnen worden. Ze wisten zelfs informatie patronen vast te leggen van een bepaald DNA deel, waarna ze het in een ander DNA deel konden overbrengen. Hiermee herprogrammeerden zij cellen naar een ander genoom.

Volgens Garjajev en zijn onderzoeksteam richtte dit experiment zich op de potentie van vibratie en frequentie golven op genetica. Men gelooft dat deze een grotere invloed op de formatie van organismen hebben dan het biochemische proces van alkaline reeksen.

Het is bekend dat sjamanen, esoterische en spirituele leraren al veel langer het potentieel van ons lichaam en geest kennen. Zij weten dat ons lichaam programmeerbaar is door taal, woorden en gedachten. Dankzij Garjajev en zijn team is deze theorie nu wetenschappelijk getest en bewezen. Elk individu moet werken aan zijn innerlijke processen en ontwikkeling om zo een bewuste communicatie te bereiken met zijn DNA. De relatie met het bewustzijn van een individu, is de mate van de vibrationele frequentie en de mogelijkheid om je bewust te verbinden met je DNA door meditatie. Het lijkt er op dat uiteindelijk alles met elkaar verbonden is.

6- Het team van Russische wetenschappers ontdekte ook dat ons DNA verstorende patronen in een vacuüm kan veroorzaken, wat kan leiden tot het aanmaken van magnetische wormgaten (wormholes). Wormgaten worden verondersteld microscopisch gelijkwaardig te zijn met de Einstein-Rosen brug in de omgeving van zwarte gaten in het universum. Men denkt dat dit tunnel connecties zijn tussen totaal verschillende gebieden in het universum, waardoor informatie overgebracht kan worden buiten de wetten van ruimte en tijd om.

Onderzoekers verklaren dat dit super communicatie proces makkelijker te bereiken is als men in een rustige staat verkeerd.

Volgens Garjajev en zijn team kan stress, zorgen of een hyperactieve intelligentie deze DNA communicatie in de weg zitten. Daardoor wordt de informatie verstoord en uiteindelijk nutteloos.

In hun boek “Vernetzte Intelligenz” leggen auteurs Grazyna Gosar en Franz Bludorf deze verbindingen uit.


No Exoskeleton, No Brain Surgery: Paralyzed Man Walks Again Using Brain Waves

It’s days like this that make you proud to be human. Using the power of the patient's mind, scientists have enabled a man completely paralyzed in both legs to walk again. And this astonishing feat didn’t involve the help of an exoskeleton or robotic limbs, and no brain implants were required, making this a first for rehabilitation.

The patient was a 26-year-old man who had no motor (movement) function in his lower limbs due to a spinal cord injury sustained five years ago. He also lost sensation below his injury, although he could just about feel when his bladder was full.

Describing the results in the Journal of Neuroengineering and Rehabilitation, the team’s goal was to allow him to regain voluntary control of his legs using his brain, but without the need for invasive brain surgery. To achieve this, the researchers created a brain-computer interface system using an electroencephalogram (EEG) cap to read patterns of brain activity while he thought about walking.

Next, he underwent training to learn how to acquire brain control of an avatar’s walking within a virtual reality environment. Once he achieved this, he then had to build up strength in his leg muscles that had deteriorated through a lack of use, which involved electrical stimulation combined with weight shifting maneuvers.

After his muscles were reconditioned enough to stand, it was time for the really hard work to begin. Instead of going for gold straight away, the team first got him to practice walking movements while he was suspended a few centimeters off the ground. As he thought about walking, his brain signals (read by the EEG cap) bypassed his damaged spinal cord and were pinged to electrodes that had been positioned around his knees, providing muscular stimulation. Nineteen sessions later, the man had improved so much that he was ready to put his feet to the ground.

Wearing a system that supported his weight and helped prevent falls, he was able to successfully translate what he had learned and walked unsuspended. Over time, his control improved and he was able to walk several meters.

An undeniably incredible feat, but whether or not such a system could ultimately offer benefits to the wider population will rest on future trials involving more people. Obviously everyone is different, as are their injuries, but it is hoped that this technology could benefit many people. However, it might not be suitable in some circumstances.

“It can be speculated that a very severe traumatic brain injury in tandem with a spinal cord injury could prevent this brain-computer interface system from working,” An Do, one of the study’s lead researchers, told IFLScience.

There is also, as always, room for improvement, with the technology requiring tweaking and streamlining, which Do predicts will take a significant amount of time. Do also said that the team is working towards developing a simplified version as well as a system that would involve a brain implant, which could potentially offer improved control.

Mind control


Synthetic telepathy “Artificial Telepathy”

Synthetic telepathy“Artificial Telepathy” is the art of electronically transfering thought directly to and from a brain. The primary objectives of are to expose technology that can provide point to point communication from one brain to another, to localize unwanted sources of telepathic communication, and to provide evidence that technologically implemented telepathy is possible.
Technology to block unwanted voices is being investigated. A key objective is to prove the existence of criminals who abuse existing synthetic telepathy technology. Further objectives include investigating other computational substrates than brain tissue. is also interested in marketing existing synthetic telepathy technology. For justice and medical purposes only.

synthetic telepathy

The experience of synthetic telepathy or“Artificial Telepathy” is really not that extraordinary. It’s as simple as receiving a cell-phone call in one’s head.
Indeed, most of the technology involved is exactly identical to that of cell-phone technology. Satellites link the sender and the receiver. A computer “multiplexer” routes the voice signal of the sender through microwave towers to a very specifically defined location or cell. The “receiver” is located and tracked with pinpoint accuracy, to within a few feet of actual location. But the receiver is not a cell phone. It’s a human brain.

Out of nowhere, a voice suddenly blooms in the mind of the target. The human skull has no “firewall” and therefore cannot shut the voice out. The receiver can hear the sender’s verbal thoughts. The sender, in turn, can hear all of the target’s thoughts, exactly as if the target’s verbal thoughts had been spoken or broadcast. For this reason, the experience could be called “hearing voices” but is more properly described as “artificial telepathy”.
Now, if artificial telepathy were entirely voluntary, like a conversation between friends sitting across the room from one other, it might be kind of cool. One could talk back and forth with one’s friend, exchanging verbal thoughts exactly as if speaking on the phone, but without ever using one’s voice or mouth. It’s a completely silent, subvocal form of speech. Between lovers, this would be beautiful.
The problem is that artificial telepathy provides the perfect weapon for mental torture and information theft. It provides an extremely powerful means for exploiting, harassing, controlling, and raping the mind of any person on earth. It opens the window to quasi-demonic possession of another person’s soul.

brain computer

When used as a “nonlethal” weapons system it becomes an ideal means for neutralizing or discrediting a political opponent. Peace protestors, inconvenient journalists and the leaders of vocal opposition groups can be stunned into silence with this weapon.
Artificial telepathy also offers an ideal means for complete invasion of privacy. If all thoughts can be read, then Passwords, PIN numbers, and personal secrets simply cannot be protected. One cannot be alone in the bathroom or shower. Embarrassing private moments cannot be hidden: they are subject to all manner of hurtful comments and remarks. Evidence can be collected for blackmail with tremendous ease: all the wrongs or moral lapses of one’s past are up for review.

Like a perverted phone caller, a hostile person with this technology in hand can call at any time of day, all day long. Sleep can be disrupted. Prayers can be desecrated, religious beliefs mocked. Business meetings can be interrupted, thoughts derailed. Love can be polluted, perverted, twisted, abused. Dreams can be invaded, fond memories trashed.
The attacker cannot be seen or identified, the attack cannot be stopped, and the psychological damage is enormous. But there is no physical damage, not one single mark is left on the body and there is absolutely no proof that any crime or any violation ever took place! Everything that “happens” to the victim happens inside the victim’s head. What physical evidence is there to give the police? Without physical evidence, how can one photograph the “crime scene” or fingerprint the stalker? There are no footprints leading to or from the scene. Indeed, there is no physical scene at all, and no evidence that an attack ever took place.
Most people who experience this abusive form of “artificial telepathy” feel as if their mind has been raped. They find themselves hunted, stalked, harassed and abused by a person or persons who refuse to give their names, who defile one’s mind with the most foul and perverse language imaginable, and who refuse to hang up or go away. The caller or callers delight in the perverse and sadistic torture of their targets. Furthermore, they delight in violating the privacy of their targets, reading the target’s mind and commenting on everything the target thinks, in an effort to demonstrate as brutally as possible that the target has no privacy at all.
Imagine what a man might do if he found a ”cell phone” that allowed him to dial into the heads and the private thoughts of anyone on earth. The temptation to choose a target at random and start spying on or abusing that person would be enormous, almost irresistable. It could become a sick and twisted hobby, a guilty pleasure very quickly. Put into the hands of a secret police unit, the potential for abusing such technology is even more chilling.

Synthetic Telepathy system, would be intelligence gathering and interrogation. As a communication system, it would have a limited appeal as any nation with a similar setup could either listen in, or pretend to be the A.I. interface. As such, it raises important ethical and legal questions, especially the question of secrecy given that all major governments would be aware of the system. Given that no law permits this type of interrogation, its secrecy may be more to do with criminal activity on behalf of the security agencies, rather than national security.
Its All About The Transceiver!
To understand how this works, it is best to start with the target, then trace backwards and identify each of the required subsystems. If we look at the last diagram to the left, we can see that the key to this system is its ability to both listen and respond to the electrical activity of the brain implant from satellite.

Now, the natural reaction of a normal and intelligent person who undergoes the horrible experience of mind rape for the first time is to panic and reach for a real phone. They call family, contact their doctor or call police with a bizarre complaint that “someone is beaming voices into my head.”
But if the police are the ones behind the abuse, the victims aren’t going to get much help, are they? And if the police are not the perpetrators, then how are they to make an arrest? It’s much more convenient and easy to believe that the caller is a nutcase.
In short order, the victim of mind rape finds herself or himself undergoing the additional humiliation of being carted off to the psych ward, often being committed involuntarily by a loved one “for one’s own good.”
The more vehement the efforts to prove that the voice or voices in one’s head are “real”, the more smug become the smiles of the medical doctors, who gently insist that such technology does not exist, that the voices cannot possibly be real, and that one must take a powerful, down for a good long rest.

The experience of “hearing voices” — especially voices that give a running stream of negative abuse — will gain one automatic admission to the rubber room. Indeed, hearing voices is a classic example of schizophrenia. If you hear voices, you are, by definition, crazy.
Yet when released from the psych ward with an expensive supply of meds, “voice hearers” often find that the meds are ineffective — exactly as one would expect if their problem had nothing to do with brain chemistry and everything to do with a bio-electronic attack by unseen stalkers.
Voice hearers often puzzle psychiatrists, because many of them don’t fit the classic model of schizophrenia, which usually begins onset in the early twenties. The victims of Synthetic telepathy “artificial telepathy” are often well into their thirties or fourties and many have no prior history of serious mental illness or drug abuse. Many seem to be alert, healthy, and rational even while insisting that they can hear voices. They agree with the psychiatrists that, yes, they are depressed, but who wouldn’t be a bit depressed under such trying circumstances? To be stalked and verbally bullied every waking hour of the day is a form of mental torture.
Victims of mind rape quickly learn not to discuss their “psychological problems” with family and coworkers. It’s embarrassing, it’s bizarre, it gets very little sympathy and only serves to alarm most people. The only way that another person can “help” is to suggest that the mind rape victim see a psychiatrist, who will promptly double one’s dose of psych meds and antidepressants. The result is a very stiff medical bill, which only adds financial pain to the mix. And the verbal harassment continues.
As they learn to endure their daily torture, voice hearers can usually return to mainstream life, where they are able to carry on intelligent, coherent conversations, hold down jobs, and function quite normally. In fact, if they don’t discuss their “problem” they usually can’t be told apart from normal people on the street. Because they are normal people.

The growing number of voice hearers in our society is therefore well masked. Those who continue to insist that there is a “secret society of people beaming voices into our heads” are simply laughed into silence or labelled paranoid schizophrenics. They are completely discredited. In fact, many voice hearers have internalized the idea that they are mentally ill, and they struggle to understand how their “auditory hallucinations” could continue to seem so very, very real.
Naturally, many of these voice hearers are deeply confused. They turn to support groups, including such on-line communities as the Voice Hearers’ support group at
Anyone who doubts that “artificial telepathy” exists need only contact such a Voice Hearers community, where they will encounter people who continue to insist that they are being harassed by real people using an unknown or unexplained technology.





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